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It worked for me.Assuming you have a unix shell available (Cygwin), I append to the front of the csv file a little 3 char unicode ID (UTF-8) and then it reads fine into Excel and more importantly it is properly processed as input using VB Excel automation.To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader.

Excel Versions 1999 to 2010 Check out our quick step-by-step video: UTF-8 Encoding Video

Files still open with default encoding (Win 7, Office 2016).No dice.


One problem I have is opening files consistently in the correct encoding so I do not get data in two encodings in a single results file. (Excel) Convert a File from utf-8 to ANSI (such as Windows-1252) This example is to satisfy a particular user's support question: I have a file that contains this text: Original file text: Converted using notepad: Text: CAFÉ CAFÉ: Hex: 43 41 46 c3 89: 43 41 46 c9: The utf-8 representation of the character É is the two bytes 0xC3 0x89. This site in other languages Usually microsoft excel is using ANSI encoding format.

existing solution to preserve Unicode characters in CSV format, I

Anybody can answer

a program or script that can do this without notepad I sure would like to know how. In that case, you may need to change to Libreoffice or any other office application. Depending on your version of Excel, you may be able to encode your file to UTF-8 during the Save As process. One stage requires me to open a CSV in Excel, make changes and save the file.Is there a way to force Excel to accept UTF-8 encoding, and to save its files with that encoding?Like Vasille says in the comment to this question, if your file is not actually in UTF-8 format, you may technically want to convert the characters within the file to the encoding you want before opening in Excel.

It is just a list of clients with three fields: account number, name and VAT number. Discuss the workings and policies of this site Now at the bottom you will see encoding it set to ANSI change it to UTF-8 and save the file as new file and then your done.

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Unicode characters, you would need to save the file as “Unicode text (2) Can you describe I suggest using a hex editor and typing in the 3 character sequence.

Hello, does anyone know if you can re-enable ANSI encoding by registry in the notepad, instead of the default UTF8 encoding, which is given since Windows 10 version 1903. Now at the bottom you will see encoding it set to ANSI change it to UTF-8 and save the file as new file and then your done. However, sometimes I have VBA macros to run.

characters with “?” when saved normally.

Windows-1252 or CP-1252 (code page 1252) is a single-byte character encoding of the Latin alphabet, used by default in the legacy components of Microsoft Windows for English and many European languages such as Spanish, French, and German..

I really wish Excel allowed me a better way to choose input file encoding.LibreOffice is very handy for this.

The defaults are just badly chosen and the disability to change that is irritating.I solved similar problem before. I have Excel 2013 and I need to save a file as a txt in ANSI mode with a specific fsize and position for each field. First approach with Sublime Text 3 . It is the most-used single-byte character encoding in the world (especially if you include the compatible ASCII and ISO-8859-1 encodings). Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us

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