lapa flight 3142 cvr transcript

The investigation was unable to determinate if the thrust reversers were intentionally activated and later deactivated.It was important for the investigation to establish the position of the mechanical activators on the flaps, since the fact that they weren't activated was a fundamental cause of the accident. The report was questioned by judicial sources because it focused solely on laying blame on the pilots.The following week, on 24 May 2000, the judge called for the indictment of 32 people, including Gustavo Andrés Deutsch, President of LAPA, the former head of the Air Force, Brigadier General Rubén Montenegro (retired); the former head of the National Division of Aeronavigability, Brigadier Juan Baigorria (retired); the former head of the Division of Regarding the progress of the investigation, the morning paper The investigation unveiled the lack of human resources politic in LAPA. Also, a study was performed on the slat indicator lights' filaments.The indicator lights were found to be off, the only fire alarm was off and the main warning indicators (According to the investigative commission, the immediate cause of the accident was "that the flight crew of LAPA flight 3142 forgot to extend the wing flaps to initiate take-off, and ignored the alarm that advised them of the error in configuration for take-off. The judges, according to the information taken from On 10 September 2004, the Federal official Carlos Rívolo required the accused to stand trial in public jury trial proceedings. While in Argentina, these investigators worked with JIAAC personnel, forming teams according to their areas of expertise.Another aspect that was studied and analyzed was the adherence to the maintenance plan in the available technical documentation. "The accused face million-dollar asset seizures and charges that have accrued to them from the commercial court that conducted the public examination of the airline.As for the members of the Air Force, they will be tried for neglecting to observe the law pertaining to content control of the Operations Manual of the airline industry and the norms for training airplane pilots.Accordingly, the judge reiterated that Lentino was accused of not having completed his principal duty adequately, namely running control checks on the psychophysiological fitness of pilots.The crime of which the ex-officials stand accused carries a penalty of up to two years of prison, and special incarceration can double the time when the offense is committed while in public office.The final judgement of the case was delayed by motions filed by the defense of several accused in order to slow the jury trial process, all of which were finally rejected weeks later by the Federal Court in Buenos Aires.In sum, the blame fell upon the pilot Gustavo Weigel, who died in the accident, and upon those who were in charge of tracking his job performance.On 23 July 2005, one of the accused, Enrique Dutra, was found dead in a car parked in his garage, in the Cordoban neighborhood of Villa Carlos Paz. Also, as a result of a gas regulator plant being hit, a gas leak developed. [27]The film is a fictional reproduction of the background of the accident as seen through the eyes of Piñeyro himself, who was actually a LAPA pilot from 1988 to 1999. It also revoked the dismissal of Alfredo De Víctor and Valerio Diehl, the predecessors of Chionetti in operations management at LAPA, as well as José María Borsani, head of the Boeing 737 division of LAPA. This tallies with the fact that the flap command in the cockpit was also in the no-flaps position, that the readings at the FDR indicate they were retracted, and that the flap lights were off, indicating that they were not activated.The alarm sound recorded by the CVR indicated that there was a problem with the departure configurations. LAPA flight 3142 was scheduled to depart from Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbery Airport at 20:36 for a 1 hour and 15 minute flight to Córdoba, Argentina. LAPA Flight 3142 was a scheduled Buenos Aires–Córdoba flight operated by the Argentine airline Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas. Flight MJ 3142, bound for Córdoba on a mild winter's evening, failed to take-off from Buenos Aires' domestic airport, AEP, careered through traffic on a busy road, burst into flames and came to a halt on a golf driving range, completely destroyed. LAPA Flight 3142 was a scheduled Buenos Aires–Córdoba flight operated by the Argentine airline Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas. Weigel had 6,500 hours of flying experience, of which 1,710 had been in a Boeing 737, the type of aircraft that was in the accident. The request, roughly 600 pages in length, called for a judgment on Gustavo Deutsch, Ronaldo Boyd, Fabián Chionetti, Nora Arzeno, Valerio Diehl, and Gabriel Borsani for On 9 June 2005, the Federal Court of Appeals rejected the nullification motions that several of the accused had proposed, and it ordered them to jury trial.

During the first two weeks of March testimony was taken from some 140 people, and by this time almost all the survivors had also given testimony.On 14 May 2000, judge Carlos Liporaci, who replaced judge Literas On 18 May 2000, the JIAAC delivered its final report on the accident to the judge. The LAPA officials were charged with Likewise, several members of the Air Force were prosecuted for dereliciton of duty in public office:When the resolution was released, it also called for seizing the assets of LAPA president Gustavo Deutsch in the amount of 40,000,000 pesos, 500 thousand for Director General Ronaldo Boyd, and 100 thousand for each of the other managers. Beginning with this evaluation, they sustained, "one can affirm the existence of negligent actions of those persons (the accused) who, in one way or another, allowed the pilot (Weigel) to be in command of an airliner".The judges understood that, taking it as a given that one of the basic principles of aeronautical activity is safety, "one ought not pass over nor minimize the errors committed by the crew during initial exams or follow-ups (skill re-certification exams), whether in flight or in a simulator, which provide observations like those that appeared in the dossier of the deceased pilot (Weigel). At the time of the accident, it had accumulated 67,864 hours of flying time and 41,851 take-offs and landings.

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