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And it was probably her father that was involved with that her father seems like a handler much like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Let’s talk about ancestors and divine archetypes and the predecessor of light formed by the heat of the galaxy dusted with the star universe in the eye. And the problem with that attitude is that they embrace evil. I should have wrote his name down. Someone says Uncle Sam, if I can’t know me, how can you take it shots at old Uncle Sam. And I also noticed there was no social distancing. Because 156 is the dimensions of the nokian table, the john D and Edward Kelly, talk to some angels, or so they thought they were some entities, some disembodied spirits, and these spirits gave them the nokian language. In this Beyonce movie, it’s sad to me that the black color has been misrepresented and, and shamed down to the point where we have to use Disney to give them some kind of positive thing to look up to. And this language they said here, you want to talk to us anytime. Guess Who else is in the video? Yes, isn’t getting your break. These are Fake gods. But you have to understand there’s a deeper purpose and a deeper meaning behind this. J'ai juste besoin de vivre ma vie, d'être inspirée par de nouvelles choses. Because if you recall, during the infamous Manson murders, they wrote the word rise in blood on the wall because they were trying to trigger a race war through Helter Skelter and the idea was that they wanted and this is the Bugliosi narrative which I don’t know if I buy entirely but the the claim is that they wrote it in blood.

I like other cultures, I find it all. We saw some of the horned entities the horn deities mo lock ball, whatever you want to call it. They should be cool like me and drunken and take getting tattoos and all this stuff and drink a coffee. Not everything is a Christian thing, Isaac, and it’s like, well, I mean, they’re the ones referencing it.

Then there is a part about how she looks up to the skies to see where the great kings came from. That’s the claim, right? If you go there. Sept. 4, is coming up and it is a day that will remain in history. Yeah, check it out. I like that reggae sound you know I realize it’s not reggae but like you know there’s roots of the reggae sound over there and Africa now another important lyric she has this song where she’s talking about the fountain of youth and she’s drowning in the fountain of youth and because it’s a whole saga about how she’s in the Nile River we’ve got the fountain of youth which is a reference to immortality which is their pursuit of course they want to be gods and goddesses living forever. Well, the reason for the desert is because that is where jack Parsons and l Ron Hubbard were doing their Babylon working rituals. I mean, that’s a little bit of a paranoid jump, a little bit of a leap. I am the Goddess. People are having glitchy problems with it. Give or take a few weeks. She’s damn near admitting to it. In the animal kingdom, her incarnation is the queen bee, the mother of all bees in a hive.The queen bee the mother of all bees in a hive. I’m very sorry. In the movie, it’s all connected. witchcraft, you got the horned God and I believe it’s supposed to represent Simba I don’t know. There’s a million books out there this is gonna be the best one. And you see Beyonce is wearing the red. Like, it wasn’t until the 1960s that we passed Civil Rights Act. And then we see the eclipse, which is your conjunction of the moon and the sun. Now as far as what she says exactly about the American treatment of black culture, like I’m not again, I’m not going to comment on that, like, I get that. One has a few pieces on how Disney and the Disney rolled attractions were pushing this sort of thing. And that’s cool. Wake up, you’re being duped. He knew it. Tweet Share 0 Email Beyoncé’s Instagram account was just named the most influential celeb social media account. And again, they’re utilizing these Christian themes and it’s very blasphemous, it’s very heretical to Christians. I can’t take it anymore. You’re not here for the Oh gee granola woke kind of talk. JACK Parsons tried to manifest her and she showed up 70 years later. And I assure you that Disney has been contacted to push disclosure of aliens because that’s the new thing. They’re gonna make me disappear from all these social medias and the podcast and all that because I’m revealing the truth about the new religion, the new plan of the New World Order.

Try to find the glorious most violent way to kill somebody to release that solar energy that ish till and get it to ascend back up to the cosmos back to the alien gods, which we all know aren’t really alien gods are just demons. There was a very heavy spiritual component to our society back in the day, until the age of enlightenment rationalism and now everything’s material and they’re trying to sort of go back there. But the process, I guess I’m distracted and I’m talking to you right now. It’s propaganda 101. All you Bay hivers and all all this stuff. It’s all in the movie, and we’re going to break it down today.

She says this, this that war, this that bloodline on the front line ready for war. And before I forget, you have to like and subscribe on Instagram at Isaac Weishaupt link in the show notes. I know I am almost done writing it, but then the posts, publishing stuff takes for frickin ever. It was great. My apologies.

And then in that song, they’re talking about going to war and waking up inner demons. And I don’t know why we insist on keeping each other down, you know. Okay.

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